Honeybee Herb Honey Bubble Carb Cap

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The Honey Bubble Carb Cap is a must have accessory for any banger. Made of high quality borosilicate glass, this carb cap is designed to allow concentrates to move all around the surface area of your banger for maximum vapor production. With the bubble-shaped design and single intake hole, airflow is easier to control. By controlling the airflow and increasing the surface area of your concentrates you can ensure that none of your valuable concentrates are left behind and wasted.

  • Bubble Shaped Design
  • Single Intake Hole
  • Easily Control Airflow
  • Increases Surface Area of Concentrates
  • Maximum Vapor Production
  • Compatible with 25mm Bangers
Brand Honeybee Herb
Material Borosilicate Glass
Height 1.75"

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