Honeybee Herb Flat Top Dabber & Carb Cap

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Every dab connoisseur needs the proper tools to appreciate the dopest dope they've ever smoked. The Flat Top Dabber & Carb Cap tool is one of those essential tools that should be in every dab set-up. Made of high quality, heat resistant quartz, this tool features a poker end to scoop up your concentrates and place them in your banger or nail. Flip it around after you've started vaping and use the flat top as a carb cap and enjoy the maximum vapor production. Each Flat Top Dabber Tool is finished with a laser-engraved Honeybee Herb logo so you can remind yourself you're only using the best.

  • High Quality Quartz
  • High Heat Resistance
  • Poker End for Placing Concentrates
  • Flat Carb Cap End
  • Laser-Engraved Honeybee Herb Logo
Brand Honeybee Herb
Material Quartz
Length 4"

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