HØJ KLIP Premium Grinder

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HØJ  is one of the latest - and best - additions to the smoking world. The brand is created to prove that quality of craftsmanship is still important, while making sure every detail is taken care of - and every product is eco-friendly.

The KLIP is their idea of a perfect grinder, and they're backed with renowned awards and thousands of impressed users. So, what makes this grinder special? 

The KLIP moves away from traditional grinders that have the virtually same design for more than a century. Instead of crushing the herb with shredding teeth, KLIP uses custom dual blades to slice it. That delivers a much fluffier and evener consistency, while also preserving the finest crystals for a much more potent material.

The grinder has an eye-catching zigzag shape that you'll love showing off to your friends and adding to your Instagram snaps. This shape is achieved with multiple parts, suspended together with opposing magnets, which allows for super smooth turns. 

The magnets also serve a second purpose - they allow you to mix and match different accessories to make the KLIP your own. Included accessories are three varieties of control discs, three screens with different mesh sizes, and a funnel. That means you can shred to any consistency, whether you like it super-fine or coarse.

The Klip measures 2.6 inches in diameter, and has a loading capacity of 1.6 grams. It's made with anodized aluminum and shipped in eco-friendly cork and bio plastic packaging. 

PREORDER ONLY: This item is expected to begin shipping mid-August 2021.

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