HØJ KLIP Mini Premium Grinder

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Voted as the best grinder of 2020 by multiple renowned websites, the KLIP Mini is a smaller version of HØJ's revolutionary grinder.

Compact and super-light, this grinder is a perfect choice for those who love KLIP, but would prefer something pocket-friendly. Although it's much smaller, it still offers all awesome features we love about the KLIP. 

The KLIP mini doesn't crush herbs like standard grinders. Instead, it slices them to an even and fluffy consistency with two custom blades. This innovative system also protects pollen, delivering a much more potent material than other grinders - with the same herb. 

The Klip Mini stands out with its unique geometric shape. This modern design is achieved with multiple parts held together with rare-earth magnets. These opposing magnets suspend the central pin, reducing its contact with sides, and allowing for smooth turns with no friction. That makes the KLIP appropriate for those with wrist pain, and it also ensures the grinder won't clog. 

Finally, the KLIP has a patent-pending modular accessory system. It allows you to mix and match different screens and discs to enjoy perfect consistency for any smoking tool. Best of all - you'll receive these accessories with the grinder right away, including three different mesh screens, three different control discs and a funnel. 

The grinder measures 2.1" in diameter and has a loading capacity of 1 gram. It's made with indestructible anodized aluminum and comes in eco-friendly bio-plastic and cork packaging. 

If you're always on-the-go and want a grinder that looks good, functions impressively and will never break - you've found a perfect match. 

PREORDER ONLY: This item is expected to begin shipping mid-August 2021.

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