Higher Standards Heavy Duty Riggler

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The Heavy Duty Riggler by Higher Standards is a dual-use bubbler that comes with a quartz banger for concentrates and a glass bowl for dry herbs. This travel-friendly bubbler is made from 7mm thick boro glass, making it super durable. 

The 7-inch tall Riggler has been designed to be a travel-friendly, elite water pipe that packs a big punch whether you're enjoying dry herb or wax. It's outfitted with a fixed diffused downstem that smooths and cools both smoke and vapor

The 100% quartz banger heats up fast and prevents outside flavors from infiltrating your concentrate's flavor profile. The Riggler's borosilicate glass bowl offers maximum durability while delivering nothing but superb flavor due to the inert characteristics of glass.

The rig's angled straight neck and flared mouthpiece are designed to eliminate the splashback of water from reaching your mouth. There's a white Higher Standards logo embellishing the front of the Riggler and USA pressed into the glass on the backside.

The Higher Standards Heavy Duty Riggler is a sturdy, take-anywhere, dual-purpose bubbler you'll love to use, whether you're vaping your favorite waxes or smoking your finest herbal strains.

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