High Tech "DNA" Spinning Kinetic Water Pipe

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You've probably seen a sidecar for a motorcycle before, more than likely carrying a golden retriever in a wacky family-friendly comedy movie. In reality, that would be wildly unsafe, is not legal in the US, and the dog would not enjoy it. Regardless, sidecar designs also work the same way in bongs. 

This Sidecar Beaker Water Pipe features a sidecar tube and an integrated spiderweb perc, forming a stylish and powerful bong that provides many different advantages.

It utilizes a classic beaker design, but gives it a contemporary overhaul. Style drips over every inch of the piece, punctuating the engineering innovations that make it so effective to use. It's a beaker that puts any science lab to shame.

Please note: This piece now comes with a flower bowl and does not include a banger or heady carb cap. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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