Heavy Inside Out Glass Pipe

Heavy Inside Out Glass Pipe

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It's colorful & curvy and made to blow your mind with big bold hits of your favorite weed strains. The Heavy Inside Out Glass Pipe features an amazing multi-color, inside-out-design that requires a steady hand to create. 

When this pipe was hand blown from borosilicate glass, the artist placed worked colored glass pieces on the inside of the pipe instead of the outer surface. The extra glass used to make this 4-inch pipe adds some nice weight to the piece. It's a hefty pipe that fits comfortably in one hand. 

There are raised glass marbles fused to the exterior of the medium depth bowl to ensure you've always got a good grip when smoking and passing the piece.

This cool pipe hits like a champ! The clear glass exterior really showcases the colorful glass swirls and twists inside.

Because it's completely handmade, the pipe you get may vary in size, design, and color. This is one beautiful pipe you'll cherish forever. Get yours today. 

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