Headway Mini Acrylic Hookah Bubbler

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Enjoy your herbs in a unique way with the Hookah Bubbler from Headway Acrylics. This piece allows you to enjoy large water-filtered hits out of a compact and portable sized water pipe. The bubble base holds the perfect amount of water and stores big hits ready to be inhaled through the hookah style hose mouthpiece.

Headway Acrylics are made of premium acrylic and are made here in the USA. These aren't your cheap plastic gas station pipes. When you own an acrylic piece from Headway you can rest assured you own the best in acrylic pipes.

  • High Quality Acrylic Bubbler
  • Hookah Hose Mouthpiece
  • Large Bubble Base
  • Parts Disassemble for Easy Cleaning
  • Headway Decal
  • Made in the USA
  • Height: 4.75 (not including hose)

NOTE: Mouthpiece, hose and bowl color may vary.

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