Happy Kit - Very Happy Dab Kit

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It's a major drag when you want to dab but you can't. As a dabber, you know it's not always possible to travel with your dab rig. That's why Happy Kit made the Very Happy Dab Kit for dabbing enthusiasts just like you.

With this convenient take-anywhere kit, you can do your dabbing at any time and anywhere you like. This dab tool kit includes a stylish 8" x 4.5" zippered shock and smell proof case that can easily be slipped inside your backpack or purse for discreet transport.

Inside the Very Happy Dab Kit is a boro glass vapor vessel with a tree perc that delivers smooth rips. Included is a 10mm titanium tip and a 10mm mouthpiece for the nectar collector. You also get two 5mL silicone wax containers, a steel dabber, and a filled butane torch lighter that's ready to go, as well as a 4-inch dab pad.

This kit of happiness is available in black or green.

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