Handheld Electric Grinder - 6 Pack Display

Handheld Electric Grinder - 6 Pack Display

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What's better than a manual weed grinder? These Handheld Electric Grinders are! Instead of having to twist manually, these grinders are operated easily using an on/off button just like a flashlight. 

These grinders are pocket-sized at 5.75-inches long and are super convenient and easy to use. All you have to do is load the clear chamber with herb, screw the chamber back onto the grinder, and push the button to turn the grinder on, and that's it! 

Your herbs are ground to the perfect consistency for rolling joints or packing bowls. These grinders operate using 3 AAA batteries (not included). Each grinder features stainless steel cutting teeth, a removable transparent grind chamber, and a durable anodized aluminum outer shell. 

This is a 6-piece display box that contains (6) Handheld Electric Herb Grinders. Get yours today! 

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