Hammer Inside-Out Bubbler

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The eye-catching Hammer Inside-Out Bubbler will be a great addition to your glass collection. This piece is made by blowing the pipe with a colored design and allowing it to cool before adding more layers of glass to the outside. This process allows for a cooler design and a thicker, more durable piece you can count on for sturdiness.  

Like all bubblers, this piece is designed to be used with a small amount of water, so you can enjoy cooler, smoother rips. There's a carb hole on the left side of the bowl for airflow control. This 5-inch long bubbler feels great in your hand, and it hits like a champ. 

The bottom of the deep recessed bowl is flattened, so the bubbler stands upright. When you’re not using this bubbler, you’ll want to keep it out on display so you and your friends can admire its beautiful design. 

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