VLAB Halo Smart E-Rig

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Do you think you have a guardian angel? Someone watching over you, catching you just before you stumble, and cheering you on when you succeed?

The Halo Smart E-Rig can be yours. This battery powered desktop rig assembles a battalion of technology representing the very front lines of current innovation and glosses it in a gleaming package of design prowess.

One of the biggest disadvantages of regular dabbing is the inability to fine-tune a specific temperature beyond simply guessing. This is where the Halo can truly be your watchful protector. It comes hardwired with three temperature settings (480F, 600F, and 750F), calibrated so precisely that a fleet of angels could dance on the tip of its needle.

Its smart touch power sensor operation allows your fingertips to glide aloft the surface of the controls like a figure skater nimbly performing their swan song in the Siberian tundra as daybreak softly whimpers on the winter solstice. This makes operating the rig as effortless and second-nature as operating the touch screen of a smartphone. It also frees the design from the constrains of buttons— of which it takes full advantage.

They say that every time you hit a dab, an angel gets its wings. The Halo has assembled a battalion of leading innovations in e-rig technology of the current moment to form its front line. It features a nichrome coil— which behaves similarly to the oft-encountered kanthal coil, but heats faster and has more resistance. The interchangeable bubbler attachment is sculpted from borosilicate glass as thick as the crest of the unseen iceberg that sunk the Titanic. With 8 holes of percolation, it deftly filters each plume of vapor without compromise its delicate palette of flavors for you, the connoisseur, to enjoy.

Let your guardian angel shepherd you through a turbulent world, cradled in a manger of dank kush, gilded by the Halo Smart E-Rig.

The Halo V1 is only available in Apple Green, Blush Pink, and Magic Purple.

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