Habit Supply Silicone Honey Collector Kit

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Enjoy your favorite oil and wax concentrates anytime and anywhere you want with this Silicone Honey Collector Kit by Habit Supply. This convenient kit is perfect for those times you don't feel like setting up your dab rig or when you're out and about and want to take a quick dab. 

Made of unbreakable silicone, this kit can bend for easy storage. The silicone vase-style body of the honey collector is easy to maintain and keep clean.

Included with the kit is a honey collector with a removable titanium tip, an easy-to-clean non-stick 5ml silicone concentrate container, and a tray & stand. This kit comes in black and bright green.

Carry this kit in your bag or purse and enjoy a puff for the lift you need, anywhere you happen to be. 

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