Gun Chamber Metal Grinders - 12 Pack

Gun Chamber Metal Grinders - 12 Pack

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These unique 3-piece herb grinders shaped like revolver chambers are 2-inches in diameter. Each of these pocket-friendly grinders features diamond-shaped cutting teeth that shred and grind dry herbs into the perfect consistency for rolling joints or packing bowls. 

There's a sifting screen inside these grinders and a pollen chamber for collecting leftover kief. RYO enthusiasts love portable dry herb grinders that make prepping herbs a cinch to do. These cleverly designed 'six-shooter' grinders make easy work of grinding and great conversation starters at parties and group smoking seshes. 

This countertop display box contains 12 Gun Chamber 3-Piece Metal Grinders. Get yours so your customers can arm themselves with cool pocket grinders that work just as great as they look! 

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