G Pen Connect Vaporizer

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Grenco Science is proud to introduce the G Pen Connect, a true revolution in the concentrate-vaporizer space. The mission? To provide a clean and simplistic approach to the traditional culture of dabbing. The G Pen Science Connect eradicates the use of a torch and exposed nail while delivering the same high-density, quality vapor production with far less difficulty. The G Pen vaporizer can change your smoking game.

The G Pen Connect is powered by a ceramic heating element with patented reverse airflow technology, which allows concentrates to vaporize evenly and efficiently. This feature, when combined with the substantial airflow generated by the rig, produces billows unlike any other vaporizer on the market.

Pocket-sized and durable, the G Pen Vaporizer Battery is packed with 850mAh of power and uses an easy, snap-in magnetic connection for quick and effortless setup. Although small, the device can drive several back-to-back sessions while supporting pass-through charging whenever required. The G Pen Science Connect Battery features three temperature settings that can be activated manually or with an automatic heating alternative.

The G Pen Connect offers compatible glass attachments in 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm, making it a well-suited partner to any female-jointed rig. The product also features a spring-loaded carb release button that provides the user with increased airflow.

Not to mention all the components and accessories are stainless steel and can be disassembled for easy upkeep. Although perfect for home use, we ensured that each G Pen Vaporizer kit comes standard with a hemp travel pouch making storage and transportation just as easy as using the Connect itself.

  • Simplistic Approach to Dabbing
  • No Need for Torches or Nails
  • Quality Vapor Production with Less Difficulty
  • Ceramic Heating Element
  • Three Temperature Settings
  • Patented Reverse Airflow Technology
  • Pocket-Sized and Durable
  • 850mAh Rechargeable Pass-Through Battery
  • Compatible with 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm Female Joints
  • Disassembles for Easy Cleaning
  • Convenient Travel Pouch Included

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