GRAV Small Wide Base Water Pipe

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GRAV has done it again with this durable and gorgeous piece. This 8-inch tall small beaker is made of 32mm thick borosilicate glass tubing. It's equipped with a 14.5mm female joint and comes with a matching GRAV cup bowl. 

At the end of the fixed downstem is a wide conical fission percolator that diffuses the smoke through water, ensuring your hits are always pleasantly smooth. The narrow tubing beneath the mouthpiece prevents unpleasant splashback when taking your hits to deliver even more pleasantness. This simplistic little beast by GRAV works best with just 1-inch of water.

This well-balanced water pipe looks real nice with its wide base and long straight neck adorned with the GRAV logo. The Small Wide Base Water Pipe makes an excellent daily driver for any smoker who prefers keeping things pleassantly simple when enjoying their favorite strains of flower. 

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