GRAV Small Upright Bubbler - Black Accents

GRAV Small Upright Bubbler - Black Accents

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The 6-inch tall GRAV Small Upright Bubbler with Black Accents is one good-looking piece constructed of highly-durable 32mm thick borosilicate glass tubing.

The bubbler features a fixed fission downstem that diffuses the smoke through water so all the hits you take from the angled mouthpiece are silky smooth and deeply satisfying. Using this bubbler is fun and easy.  Fill the chamber with about 1.5 inches of water, load the funnel-style bowl with ground herbs, light up and enjoy! 

The angled mouthpiece makes the bubbler comfortable to use plus it prevents splashback by keeping the water in the chamber where it belongs. This small bubbler is ideal for travel because it fits easily into your backpack or bag with no problems whatsoever.

This top-notch bubbler sits atop a thick round base to keep it stable during use and when re-loading the bowl for your next sesh. 

*Decal Color May Vary* 

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