GRAV Round Base Water Pipe

GRAV Round Base Water Pipe

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Are you a dry herb enthusiast who needs a little bong that you can take anywhere? Check out this Round Base Water Pipe by GRAV. This robust water pipe stands just 6.25-inches tall, making it perfect for at-home use when you want to enjoy a water-cooled smoke or when you're out and about doing your thing. 

This GRAV clear glass pipe allows you to watch the bubbling action and the smoke build-up in the round chamber before you enjoy your hit. It's outfitted with a fixed fission downstem and comes with a 10mm male herb slide. This is a sturdy water pipe that's made of durable boro glass that doesn't crack or break easily. 

This little bong has a great shape for easy handling, and it's super easy to use and clean. It's an overall fantastic piece of glass that delivers a smooth hit every time. 

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