GRAV Large Gravitron V2 Gravity Bong

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Introducing the ultimate party pipe from GRAV - the Gravitron V2. Version 2 improves on the world's most popular gravity bong by introducing a new fully glass on glass ground joint, 5x thicker glass and a platinum cured silicone grommet for a tighter seal. The large Gravitron V2 is the larger version of the Gravitron and provides the largest hits. The ground glass joint allows you to use any 14mm bowl but the Gravitron V2 does include a glass on glass funnel bowl right out of the box. The new flange at the top of the neck makes lifting the bottle a breeze.

The Gravitron V2 from GRAV creates large and efficient hits by using gravity and pressure. To use, start by filling the base about half way to the top with water. Then get started by packing the bowl with your favorite ground herb and insert it into the glass on glass joint at the top of the neck. When you're ready to light it up, light the herb in the bowl and lift the next simultaneously. Once the bottle is full of smoke, remove the bowl and place your mouth over the neck, inhaling as you lower the bottle. The Gravitron will give you a dense, pressurized hit with no loss of smoke in the process.

  • New and Improved Version
  • World's Best Selling Gravity Bong
  • New Glass on Glass Ground Joints
  • 5x Thicker Glass
  • Platinum Cured Silicone Grommet for Tighter Seal
  • Provides Huge Hits with No Loss of Smoke
  • 14mm GRAV Funnel Bowl Included
  • Also Available in Medium Size
  • Height: 11"
  • Joint Size: 14mm

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