GRAV Conical Pocket Bubbler

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You might look at this tiny piece and think to yourself: What’s the use? Well, we will tell you how great a pocket bubbler can be in the right hands!

This conical bubbler was designed by Micah Evans and was made to surprise all herb lovers with how much can be done with a small piece. It can be upgraded with a 10mm herb bowl or a banger nail (not included). Or it can house a well-rolled joint or blunt. And then, the fun begins!

The fixed downstem and the conical-shaped base will give you plenty of filtration and produce a lot of bubbles. At just 4 inches, this piece is easily concealable and extremely portable. It will definitely upgrade your sessions however you wish to use it and more importantly, wherever you wish to use it! As the name suggests, fits in a pocket. Makes a lot of bubbles. 

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