Grav Labs Beaker Water Pipe

Grav Labs Beaker Water Pipe

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This large beaker bong by Grav offers some serious long-term performance. At 16-inches tall and made of 44mm wide boro glass tubing that's less likely to crack or break, this is a big and durable water pipe that's built to impress. 

The Grav Labs Beaker Water Pipe is for you if you want a durable pipe that's going to give you some long-term serious performance. This water pipe has been designed with a geometric pitched pinch that doubles as a splashguard and an ice catcher that works best with 2.5" of water. 

Included with this heavy hitter is a 18.8mm to 14.5mm downstem with a joint clamp for a secure fit and a 14.5mm male funnel bowl that holds just the right amount of dry herbs for sharing. 

This formidable bong is supported by a 3.5-inch wide beaker base and decorated with a sandblasted Grav logo on the neck.  

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