GRAV Conical Pocket Bubbler

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The new line of pocket bubblers from GRAV (formerly Grav Labs) are a great way to enjoy a water-filtered blunts and pre-rolls. The Conical pocket bubbler can also fit a 10mm bowl or banger so you can use it with dry herb or concentrates as well. The bubbler chamber is large enough to hold enough water to make for a well-filtered, smoother smoking experience while being compact enough to take with you on the go. The Conical Pocket Bubbler has an ergonomic design and long straw to keep your hits cool.

  • Use with Pre Rolls, Blunts or Joints
  • Accommodates 10mm Bowl or Banger (not included)
  • Compact Size for On-the-Go Use
  • Conical Design
  • Long Straw Sidecar Mouthpiece
  • GRAV Decal
  • Joint Size: 10mm Female
  • Height: 2.5"

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