GRAV Bubble Trap Mini Classic Sherlock

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The GRAV Mini Sherlock has a large capacity herb bowl and a beautifully curved stem mouthpiece just like it's larger brother. While the mini version is great for tucking away, you won't want to. The effervescent specks from the trapped bubbles throughout this piece make it a showcase piece that you'll want to use during every sesh. The piece sits flat so you don't have to worry about it falling over and the mouthpiece features GRAV's signature inverted mouthpiece that prevents unwanted ash from entering your mouth.

  • Unique Bubble Trap Sherlock Design
  • Large Capacity Bowl
  • Inverted Ash Catcher Mouthpiece
  • GRAV Decal
  • Available in Several Colors
Brand GRAV
Material Borosilicate Glass
Length 4"
Carb Left
Designer David Daily

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