GRAV Bubble Trap Classic Sherlock

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Typically, you don't want to see air bubbles in your glass. However, GRAV has decided to take this imperfection found in glass pieces and make an artistic design out of it. GRAV's Bubble Trap Classic Sherlock features intentionally placed air bubbles to create a unique pattern that gives their Classic Sherlock a nice upgrade. Tiny air bubbles are distributed throughout layers of glass, creating a mosaic of dots and dashes that make each piece unique. Hold it under a light to see every spectacular detail.

The sherlock's oversized bowl provides for a great piece to pass around with friends and produces massive clouds. Like many GRAV hand pipes, the Classic Sherlock features a built in mouthpiece ashcatcher to avoid any unwanted debris from entering your mouth and harshing your buzz. Easy to clean, and sits flat when not in use. The only tough decision? Which of four delicious colors to choose.

  • Unique Bubble Trap Sherlock Design
  • Large Capacity Bowl
  • Inverted Ash Catcher Mouthpiece
  • GRAV Decal
  • Available in Several Colors
Brand GRAV
Material Borosilicate Glass
Length 6"
Carb Left
Designer Dave Daily

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