GRAV Bell Base Water Pipe

GRAV Bell Base Water Pipe

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Bells of happiness will toll when you use this Bell Base Waterpipe by GRAV Labs to smoke your favorite flower. This 9-inch tall clear glass ripper shaped like a service bell is designed to cool and smooth your rips.

This unique pipe is outfitted with a fixed downstem that transitions to a broad orb perc to diffuse the smoke through water. The fixed orb perc looks like the bell's ringer which is really cool. 

You won't have to worry about getting used bong water in  your mouth with this pipe thanks to its tiered shape that prevents splashback. The pipe is equipped with a 14.5mm female joint and comes with a matching GRAV cup bowl. It's decorated with a sandblasted Grav logo on the straight tube neck just below the thick flared mouthpiece. 

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