Glitch Tube Water Pipe with Horn Bowl

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If you're an herbal enthusiast who likes big bold hits, the 15.5-inch Glitch Tube Water Pipe delivers those huge draws you crave. This straight tube water pipe is made of durable borosilicate glass and it sits on a thick round base for stability. It features a 14.5mm female joint and a reinforced fixed downstem that connects to a sprinkler-style perc. 

The sprinkler perc filters and smooths the smoke as it moves up the long neck for you to inhale. There's a 3-pinch ice catcher built into the pipe for those times you want super cool rips.

The center of the clear glass tube is decorated with bands of color and a wig wag design that rocks. Included with this pipe is a matching 14.5mm male herb slide with a horn handle.

This water pipe has it all: Great looks, amazing perc action, ice notches for frosty rips, and a solid construction made of high-quality glass. This is a water pipe you'll love using and sharing with friends. Enjoy! 

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