Glasslab 303 Silver Fumed Signature Beaker

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This glass bong by Glasslab 303 stands 12 inches tall. It's constructed using high-quality, 5mm thick color-changing silver-fumed scientific glass. In case you don't know what silver fuming is, it's a process used by a glassmaker involving holding bits of silver up to the torch flame as they're crafting the piece. The ultra hot silver vaporizers while the flame carries the fumes to the glass wherein an iridescent design is created. 

The Silver-Fumed Signature Beaker Bong has all the features you need to enjoy water filtered rips of your favorite flower. The bong has a 14.5mm female joint that sits at a 45 degree angle. It comes with a matching removable glass downstem and a male herb slide complete with a handle. 

Just above the 5-inch wide flat base is a GL303 Colorado Certified Gold Label.  There's an ice pinch built into the straight neck you can use to cool the smoke for even nicer rips.

Whether you need a new daily driver, want to add to your growing glass collection, or need an amazing gift for a fellow stoner, this beaker bong certainly won't disappoint.  

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