Glasslab 303 Quad Circ Perc Beaker

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The Quad Circ Perc Maria Beaker by Glasslab 303 is proof that you don't need to spend a bundle to get a top-quality bong. This 14.5-inch tall clear glass bong is made of high-quality, 5mm thick scientific glass. It's supported by a 5.5-inch wide round base to ensure it stays stable during use. 

This made-in-the-USA bong has a gold/silver fumed quadruple mini circ perc and an ice pinch in the straight tube to ensure your hits are extra smooth and easy on your throat. The straight tube features a decorative maria ring that gives you a great grip. The mouthpiece features a colored lip wrap that looks very nice. 

This smooth & solid glass bong is outfitted with an 18.8mm female joint and comes with a matching male herb slide. The straight tube is decorated with a Glasslab 303 logo and the main chamber is adorned with the brand's "Colorado Certified" logo to ensure authenticity and quality. 

The Quad Circ Maria comes in Mint and Teal. This bong is a quality piece of glass that would make a fantastic daily driver. 

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