Glasslab 303 Classic Rig

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Since its start in 2016, Glasslab 303 has been killin' the glass game with unique, high-quality glass pipes and rigs that can be obtained at a low price point. GlassLab 303 is based in Colorado and uses only American glass and American tubing. 

This Classic Rig is Glasslab 303's top-seller that's made with 9mm thick borosilicate glass. This clear glass rig comes with a high-powered perc that stacks high, keeping the flavors of your concentrates pure and clean. This 8-inch tall rig features a 14.5mm female joint, and a comfortably flared mouthpiece that sits at the end of a bent neck. 

The team at Glasslab 303 knows that every dabber is different with his/her own preferences. That's why the brand allows you to choose the type of percolator you'd like inside your Classic Rig. Your choices are many and include a mini circ perc, circ perc, honeycomb perc, inline matrix perc, and an 8-slits circle percolator.

Regardless of which perc you choose, this rig will never fail to provide you with amazingly smooth rips of flavorful vapor. The clear glass Classic Rig is supported by a thick round base and adorned with Glasslab 303 decals to give it an added touch of class. 

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