Glasslab 303 Beaker - Lace Lord

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The Lace Lord Beaker by Glasslab 303 is a 15-inch tall work of art. This eye-catching beaker-style bong is made of 5mm thick scientific glass and has a 6-inch wide base for excellent stability. 

The Lace Lord never fails to deliver smooth clean smoke thanks to the sophisticated infused gold/silver fumed lace perc. There's an ice restrictor in the straight tube for those times you want your add some chilly frostiness to your rips.

This elegant beaker bong is outfitted with an 18.8mm female joint and comes with a matching male funnel-style herb bowl. There a colored lip wrap on the mouthpiece that adds a nice touch of style to the piece. 

The main chamber is decorated with the iconic Glasslab 303 logo and the long straight neck is adorned with a GL303 Colorado Certified Gold Label to ensure authenticity and quality. The Lace Lord is available in two amazing colors: Wisteria and Cobalt. 

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