Glasslab 303 7mm Beaker

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Just like with other products on the market, there's a big difference between a cheap quality bong and one that's made with excellence. If you're on the hunt for a high-quality, everyday bong this beaker from Glasslab 303 won't disappoint. 

The 12-inch tall Beaker Water Pipe is an all-around piece you're sure to enjoy. The scientific glass construction and wide 5-inch base make this a sturdy piece for any smoking table. The 7mm thick tube gives the piece strength and the glass on glass fittings for the bowl and downstem are top-shelf quality. 

This beaker bong is super easy to keep clean so it will always look new. It's outfitted with a 14.5mm to 18.8mm removable downstem and comes with a 14.5mm male glass bowl. There's an ice pinch just above the beaker base for those times you want your hits to be extra cool and easier on your throat.

This eye-catching bong features full-color tubing on the flared mouthpiece, ice pinch, and base in your choice of three colors: Smokie, Teal, and Cobalt. The downstem of this piece is adorned with a GL303 Colorado Certified Gold Label to ensure authenticity and quality. The main chamber is decorated with the iconic Glasslab 303 logo.  

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