Glass Nectar Collector with Decorative Color

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If you love to dab but aren't too keen on transporting your dab rig when you're on the move, you need a nectar collector like this one. This Glass Nectar Collector with Decorative Color is designed for dabbing on the go. 

The nectar collector is made from clear glass and comes with a titanium nail and a glass mouthpiece. It's a stylish tool for taking dabs that looks great with its colored glass accents. 
The lightweight design and convenient length make the nectar collector perfect for travel. It fits right into your backpack or bag without a problem. Once you assemble the unit, gently heat the titanium tip and submerge the tip into your wax or oil and inhale through the mouthpiece. You'll waste little to no concentrate and will enjoy the flavors of what you're dabbing with no outside interference.
It's fun to use, easy to clean, and built to last a long time with some general maintenance. It ships in a random color, depending on what's available at the time you order. 

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