Glass Dab Collector Straw with 10mm Titanium Tip

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For those times you don't want to (or can't) pull out your dab rig, use this colorful Glass Dab Straw w/ Titanium Tip. There's no set up time involved with using this dab straw like there is with a rig, plus it's a really great tool to use if you'd like to finish that stubborn last bit of resin in the jar.

This great looking dab straw is 6-inches long when assembled. It features a colorful worked glass body, built-in feet, and a removable Grade 2, 10mm titanium tip & joint clip. This dab straw aka nectar collector is much more portable than a dab rig so you can take it with you without any hassles whatsoever. Just toss it in your backpack or purse and go. 

The titanium tip on this dab straw heats up fast and is perfect for taking quick, high-temperature dabs. Using it is super simple. Just heat up the titanium tip, dip it in your concentrate, and take a sip. 

This dab straw is sold in assorted, worked glass colors. Grab yours so you can do your dabbing quickly and efficiently.

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