Glass Bubbler 5.5 Inches with Fixed Diffuser

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Standing just 5.5 inches tall, this Glass Bubbler with a Fixed Diffuser Downstem may be small but it's packed with big features. It's a sturdy little bubbler made of high-quality clear glass. It's equipped with a 14.5mm female joint and a fixed reinforced diffused downstem that all-but-guarantees your rips will be silky smooth. 

This portable, travel-friendly bubbler strikes it big in the looks department too. It has an ergonomically shaped base, a bent neck with a decorative maria, and a rimmed mouthpiece that looks great and feels good against your lips.

The clear glass really pops with the colored accents on the decorative exterior marbles and mouthpiece rim. Pick the color you want so you have a mini bubbler on hand whenever you want to enjoy some flavorful big bong-sized rips. 

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