Glass Bubbler with Fixed Diffuser Downstem

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This 5.5-inch tall solid glass bubbler with a splash of color is just what you need to enjoy a smooth water-filtered smoke sesh. This little beauty is made of high-quality clear glass and uses a fixed pearl diffuser downstem to add filtration to your hits.

The bubbler features a stemless design and comes with a 14.5 mm female joint with a matching removable male herb bowl. As you take your draw, the smoke is separated and pulled through the holes in the diffuser downstem. You'll enjoy watching the bubbly smoke make its way up the neck to your awaiting lips on the slightly bent mouthpiece. Unlike a regular bong that can deliver harsh hits, this bubbler delivers nothing but cool, smooth hits that are easy on your throat and lungs. 

This affordable bubbler is decorated with colored accents on the mouthpiece rim and rim of the base. Pick your favorite from the three available colors and get the filtration you deserve with this impressive little bubbler.

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