Glass Beaker Base Ice Bong

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This Glass Beaker Base Ice Bong is a great-looking piece that stands an impressive 15 inches tall. It's constructed of 7mm thick borosilicate glass, so it can take a bit of rough handling. This affordable bong is equipped with an 18.8 mm ground joint and comes with a removable inside-cut 18.8 mm to 14.5 mm slitted diffuser downstem and a 14.5 mm male herb bowl

With its beaker base design, the smoke has plenty of time to swirl and cool before rising up through the straight tube. The ice notches are built into the straight tube for those times you want frosty rips, like on really hot days.

The bong's rimmed mouthpiece provides a tight seal with your lips, and it's comfortable to use.  This is a simple, high-quality ice bong that won't break the break. Whether you need a new daily driver for yourself or an awesome gift for a special friend, this bong is a solid choice. 

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