Genius Pipe Taster V2

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If you're looking to upgrade your Genius Pipe for use with concentrates, look no further than the Genius Taster. This domeless nail adapter turns your Genius Pipe into a compact dab rig that's easy to take with you wherever you go! Attach your taster, heat the nail and dab your concentrates for some of the smoothest water-less dab rips you'll ever take.

Compatible with Genius Pipes featuring an Evolution Slider, this adapter easily attaches to your slider and locks into place for a secured dab sesh. Machined from a solid piece of grade 2 Titanium, manually polished to gain a radiant shine, and then cleaned with medical-grade ultrasound equipment.

V2 now features heat-sink ridges that help disperse heat and keep it further away from your Genius Pipe.

  • Convert Your Genius Pipe to a Dab Rig
  • Grade 2 Titanium
  • Heat Sink Ridges Keep Heat Away from Pipe
  • Smooth, Water-less and Portable Dabbing Solution
  • Compatible with Genius Pipes featuring an Evolution Slider

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