Genius Pipe Party Bowl

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Everyone who owns a Genius Pipe absolutely love it, however, there is one major request - a bigger bowl. The Part Bowl from Genius Pipe is a new addition to the Genius Pipe line that allows you to attach it to any Genius Pipe to create a larger bowl. This bowl is perfect for parties or if you just want to load a larger bowl at once. This heavy-duty pipe bowl is all-metal and extremely durable just like the Genius Pipe. This bowl will hold about a gram of ground herb and is wide so it's perfect for spot hitting or corner lighting.

  • Genius Pipe Accessory to Create a Larger Bowl (4x Larger)
  • Magnetized, All-Metal, Durable Design
  • Holds Approximately 1 Gram of Ground Herb
  • Wide Bowl Perfect for Spot Hitting or Corner Lighting
  • Compatible with All Genius Pipes
  • Size: 1" x 1"

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