Genius Pipe Classic "Top Secret"

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Genius Pipe is the ultimate smoking solution for an easy-to-use portable dry herb device. The design of the Genius Pipe fits perfectly in your pocket or purse. The magnetic slider cover allows you to "pack and store" your bowl before you're on your way and "slide and smoke" whenever you're ready. When you're done, slide the cover back to extinguish the bowl for later. The Genius Pipe is extremely easy to clean is made of anodized aluminum making it virtually indestructible.

The "genius" of the Genius Pipe comes from the patented cooling technology that consists of 2000 dimples located on the top and bottom of the smoking chamber on the interior of the pipe. These dimples create 2000 vortices, creating a longer pathway for smoke to travel and cooling it to room temperature before inhaling. The dimples also provide for a healthier smoking experience - trapping unwanted tars and oils from the smoke. Genius Pipe provides a cool and healthy smoking solution that promises no coughing - guaranteed.

The "Top Secret" Genius Pipe is a stylish and authoritative pipe that will challenge any object in the room when it comes to its essence, function, and beauty and is guaranteed to become an excellent conversation piece. But only you, the holder of TOP Secret will know its true Value. The Top Secret is: The One who smokes this pipe controls the room. The Top Secret includes one Genius TruTaste screen and a silver EVOLUTION Slider.

  • Portable and Convenient Size
  • Magnetic EVOLUTION Slider Cover Allows You to "Pack and Store" - Then "Slide and Smoke"
  • Virtually Indestructible
  • 2000 Dimples Create Smoother and Cooler Smoking Experience
  • Traps Unwanted Tars and Oils
  • Easy to Use and Easy to Clean
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Includes (1) Genius TruTaste Screen
  • Size: 6" x 1.5" x .375"

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