G Card Grinder

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Just when you think you've seen it all in dry herb grinder technology, along comes the G Card Grinder by Grenco. The perfect accessory for the Grenco, G Pro, or any dry herb vaporizer, this extremely discreet grinder is no bigger than a credit card. 

The G Card Grinder works on the same principle as a stainless steel vegetable/cheese shredder you probably have in your kitchen. You simply slide the grinder card out of its sleeve and rub your dry herb onto the multi-level steel surface to grind it into a fine consistency that's ready to vape. 

With no moving parts, there's nothing to go wrong on the G Card Grinder. The sleeve of the grinder features the Grenco Science logo. Get your card grinder today and make easy work of prepping your favorite aromatic dry herbs. 

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