Freeze Pipe Recycler

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Cool and smooth hits are the name of the game with the 2022 Freeze Pipe Recycler. This is arguably Freeze Pipe's coolest hitting piece yet.  Just as the name suggests, it features a recycling function that constantly filters and circulates the smoke to maximize filtration and airflow while reducing the temperature of the smoke you inhale. 

Because the smoke is constantly interacting with water when you use the Recycler, you get lots more flavor than you would if you were using a bong. The Recycler features an inline perc in the bottom chamber and freezable gylcerin coils in the upper chamber which work in unison to deliver the smoothest and coolest hits you could imagine! 

This beautiful piece is made of high-quality thick clear glass. It's outfitted with a 14.5mm female joint and a fixed reinforced downstem. It's supported by a thick round base and features a flared mouthpiece that forms a tight seal with your lips so you can enjoy every last bit of smooth and flavorful smoke. 

You can order the Recycler only that comes with a honeycomb bowl with a handle, the Recycler and Flower Kit, or the Recycler & Dab Kit. 

The Recycler and Flower Kit includes: The Recycler, 14.5mm ash catcher, grinder card, hemp rope, humidity packet 

The Recycler & Dab Kit includes: The Recycler, enail, dabbing accessories 

Whether you're into smoking flower or taking dabs, your seshes will be filled with hits so cool and smooth you'll wonder if you remembered to light the bowl or heat your nail! One thing for sure, all your rips will be packed with flavor thanks to the recycling function that brings out the best of all your favorite materials. 

The Freeze Pipe Recycler comes in a handsome gift box that's ideal for travel or storage.


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