Freeze Pipe Mini Dab Rig

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If you love the Freeze Pipe bong, you'll think taking dabs from the Freeze Pipe Mini Dab Rig is absolutely insane! Not only will your hits be incredibly cool, the flavor of your concentrates will be more pronounced and enjoyable too since the freezable glycerin coil takes the heat and harshness out of the equation. 

This little glass rig combines perc action and glycerin cooling power so you can enjoy the best dabs ever! The Mini stands 6-inches tall without the gylcerin coil so it's perfectly portable.

The percolator in the bottom chamber begins to filter the smoke when you take a draw while the connecting arms transfer water and smoke back and forth between the top and bottom chamber. This action further merges hot smoke with cool water for improved smoothness and flavor. 

The Mini is outfitted with a 14.5mm female joint and comes with a matching premium core reactor quartz banger. The core reactor banger has a raised "hockey puck" bottom to increase its heat retention. Instead of having to stop and re-heat constantly, the banger stays hotter longer so you can have longer more enjoyable seshes. 

This fantastic rig has a wide thick base to accomodate any heavy add-ons you might wish to use. Of course, the freezable glycerin coil is included with the rig as are two clips for securing the coil to the rig. 

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