Freeze Pipe Klein Recycler

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You just know from looking at this incredible piece that it will deliver an amazing smoking experience and you're right. The Klein Recycler by Freeze Pipe merges the best of two worlds into one smooth-as-silk smoking experience you'll flip over. It's not only a recycler that sends the smoke on an extra-long journey to filter and smooth it, but it also features a chamber with a freezable glycerin coil that chills and cools the smoke you inhale from the rimmed mouthpiece.

The 2021 Klein Recycler comes with two glycerin chambers, one straight and one coiled. You can try both and choose your favorite style or switch them out between the freezer and your pipe so you can maintain superchilled hits constantly throughout your entire sesh.

This 12-inch tall recycler pipe is like a work of art. It's crafted from the best quality glass and it's built to outperform any rig you put it up against. It's outfitted with a 90-degree reinforced downstem, a 14.5mm female joint, and comes with both a deep 14.5mm male banger with a flat top and a flower bowl with built in glass screen. Included is a carb cab so you can savor every little bit of your concentrate. 

This spectacular recycler also has a percolator onboard for the ultimate filtration of your smoke to ensure all your hits are packed with flavor. The Klein Recycler comes packaged in a stylish & sturdy box with a foam insert for safe travel and gift-giving. 

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