Freeze Pipe Hammer Bubbler with Glycerin Chamber

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A bubbler fills the void between a pipe and a water bong. People love bubblers because of the added water filtration and the portability and ease of use. The Freeze Pipe Hammer Bubbler takes the bubbler experience to a whole new level because it features a glycerin chamber and an awesome tree perc. 

When you use this bubbler made of high-quality borosilicate glass, you’ll enjoy shockingly smooth hits. The bubbler is outfitted with a 6-arm tree percolator for maximum filtration. The generous 18.8mm bowl size is awesome too because you can enjoy your seshes longer without having to constantly stop and reload the bowl.

The attachable glycerine chamber ensures all your hits are instantly cooled and chilled. As the smoke journeys through the frozen glycerin chamber, it smooths and refreshes for mind-boggling chilly hits that rock! 

You’ll love using the Freeze Pipe Hammer Bubbler that allows you to taste all the flavor of your flower without choking and coughing. It’s simply an incredible piece that offers an amazing smoking experience

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