Freeze Pipe Gravity Bong with Two Glycerin Coils

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Anybody who's ever used a gravity bong knows they're intense. The Freeze Pipe Gravity Bong is the only bong of its kind to offer much-needed smoothness to the classic gravity bong experience that usually involves plenty of coughing and harshness. 

While this Freeze Pipe piece is a gravity bong that delivers an amazing feel-good experience, it removes the unpleasantness from the equation. This gravity bong comes with two freezable glycerine coils so you can keep one in the freezer until it's time for reinforcements. 

Using the 12” tall Freeze Pipe Gravity Bong with the Glycerin Coil is easy. Simply fill the open-ended chamber with water to the top of the leaf logo. Then insert the bottle-looking piece into the chamber and pack the deep & roomy honeycomb bowl with your ground herbs.  

Then light the bowl and slowly pull the bottle up. You’ll see the bottle fill with smoke. Stop pulling up before the bottom of the bottle leaves the water. Then remove the bowl and replace it with the glycerin coil. Put your lips to the coil and slowly press down on the bottle to rapidly send smoke from the bottle to your lungs.  

If you appreciate a pure smoking experience and favor smoothness over harshness, you’ll love Freeze Pipe’s Gravity Bong with the cooling glycerin coils. Smoking from this unit is nothing short of spectacular. You’ll enjoy the benefits and fun that come with pure THC combined with the cooling effects of frozen glycerine. 


Freeze Pipe Gravity Bong 
Traditional glycerin chamber 
Straight tube glycerin chamber 
Honeycomb bowl 


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