Freeze Pipe Dual Percolation Chamber Bong

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The Freeze Pipe Dual Percolation Chamber Bong harnesses the power of the frozen tundra with three levels of filtration, a new UFO perc, improved base, and massive freezable glycerin coil.

The sturdy bong made of thick scientific glass is easily assembled, broken down, and transported. It comes delivered in a handsome gift box complete with foam interior cutout inserts for safe and stylish travel.

The bong is outfitted with an 18.8mm female joint and comes with a matching handled honeycomb glass bowl. The glycerin chamber snaps easily on and off, and the modular nature of this bong makes it cleaning it a breeze. 

Before your smoke session, pop the glycerin coil in your freezer for about an hour. Then snap them into place, fill the bong with water, pack your bowl with ground herb, and light up.

As you draw, the smoke travels through the dual percolators for maximum filtration. The frozen glycerin coil cools and smooths the smoke by hundreds of degrees so you’ll enjoy a flavor-packed icy cold hit you’ll love. 

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