Freeze Pipe Bubbler XL

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The Bubbler XL by Freeze Pipe is one awesome unit that delivers shockingly smooth and cool rips of your favorite dry herbs. This all-glass piece is percolator-centric with two water tanks, an attachable glycerin coil, and a honeycomb bowl. 

 When you light up the removable 18.8mm glass bowl and take a puff, the smoke is cooled and filtered twice. The Bubbler XL’s hits are so incredibly smooth, tasty, and enjoyable that you’ll want to make it your go-to piece. 

Perfect for group seshes, pop this baby in the freezer for at least an hour and it will stay cold for the duration of your session. It's a durable piece that can take some rough handling because it’s made of high-quality scientific glass. You can even use this bubbler without the frozen glycerin coil and it will still deliver super smooth hits! 

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