Freeze Pipe Bong XL

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The  Bong XL from Freeze Pipe is the brand's most popular bong offering. With 50% more glycerin than the brand’s entry bong, it packs a real punch and delivers extra chilly and smooth rips you’ll flip over. 

The Bong XL is able to provide monster hits thanks to its two percolators (an inline perc and a sprinkler perc) and its 50% larger glycerin chamber. The bigger, freezable coils increase airflow and the bong’s large base provides more water filtration. 

This beautiful bong is outfitted with an 18.8mm female joint and comes with a matching male bowl. Unlike a typical ice bong that requires hassling with messy ice that melts, the Bong XL is easy to use and mess-free. An hour or so before you plan on smoking, pop the freezable coils in the freezer. Then snap them into place, fill the bong with water, load the bowl, light up, and take a hit. 

Perfect for parties, the Bong XL is easy to pass around and fun for everyone! It’s made of high-quality scientific glass. It never fails to provide legendary ice-cold and smooth hits. Do yourself and your friends a favor and get your Bong XL today. 



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