Foyo Sandblasted Matrix Perc Beaker Bong

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The Sandblasted Matrix Perc Beaker Bong by Foyo is a stylish piece made of thick and durable scientific glass. The 15.5-inch tall bong is decorated with a variety of sandblasted designs for some added elegance. The green accents on the flared mouthpiece and matrix perc provide the bong with a nice finished look. 

The Sandblasted Matrix Perc is outfitted with a matrix and downstem perc that work in unison to produce lots of milky bubbles. Because it has twin percs, this bong never fails to deliver silky smooth rips that are easy on your throat and lungs. There's even an ice pinch built in the straight tube you can use to add some icy coolness to your hits.

An ideal daily driver, the pipe has a thick and sturdy base for excellent stability. It comes with a 14.5mm male herb bowl complete with a handle to protect your fingers from the heat. 

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