Formula 420 Plastics Cleaner

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Formula 420 has been the leading pipe cleaner in the industry since it's inception. There's a very good reason for that; it works! Avoid home remedy cleaning techniques and use the industry's #1 pipe cleaner; the only 1 minute pipe cleaner on the market! Formulated especially for use on Plastic, Acrylic and Silicone items, complete with our exclusive AbrasivAction™ technology.

  • Best Seller, Rated #1 by Consumers
  • Biodegradable and Earth Friendly
  • No Soaking, No Scrubbing, No Waiting
  • Patented AbrasivAction Technology
  • 1 Minute Cleaner
  • Non-Toxic
  • Use With: Plastic, Acrylic, Silicone
  • Made in the USA
  • Sizes: 12oz, 4oz

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